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Paonia Elementary Students Shine on CSAP Tests

March 4th, 2012

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Congratulations to Paonia Elementary Students
“In preparation for this year’s state tests, the pictured Paonia Elementary students were recognized for either achieving an advanced rating on one or more of last year’s CSAP tests and/or achieving high growth on one or more tests. Inscribed on the dog tags they received is their name, the specific test they’re being recognized for, and what they accomplished.”

THIRD GRADERS - Top row: Seraya Talbott-Carey, Caelee Martinez, Marlyanna McLeland, Isaac Ungaro, Alexis Newland, Logan Green, Robert Hollomon
Front row: Nicole Jefferis, Carly Horn, Alysia Olson, Sam Mock, Alexis Beller, Katya Schwieterman, Jalyn Walker

FOURTH GRADERS – Top Row from Left to Right: Ayla Bristow, Destiny Nehring, Brenden Floyd, Luciano Biondi, Anthony Felice, Katelyn Coffey, Amanda Van Vleet, Shyliea Clark, Dantrick Reed,
Middle Row from Left to Right: Poppy Lightfoot, Dustin Largent, David Lozano, Sackett Chesnik, Jesse Burns, Jade Ellenberger, Caleb Scroggs, Harley Ewert
Front Row from left to right: Peyton Short, Trinity Valdez, Celine Audin, Chance Bills, Kelsie Johnson, Jaquelin Mora

FIFTH GRADERS – Top row from left to right: Brooke Hillman, Riley Simianer, Luis Chavez, Katrina Johnson, Kaitlyn Wist, Wesley Morgan, Kaden Heiniger, Caden Meilner
Middle row from left to right: Jeffrey Coffey, Clayton Campbell, Sean Devlin, Nora Dransfield, Elliana Kuhl, Kassidy Rapke, Randi Rapke, Jonas Johnson, Julia Peterson
Front row from left to right: Dominic Limone, Darien Norris, Corbin Beck, Anika Carlson, John Roberts, Tessa Gore, Ben O’ Rourke