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October 9th, 2013

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The Plant Tender of Anthracite

The Plant Tender of Anthracite Sort of fiction by Lazarus Washburn Jr.  (Edited by Thomas Wills)   Lazarus A. Washburn Jr. Singing Angel Ranch Anthracite, Colorado   Dear Tom and North Fork Folks, It has been a few months since…Click to view post »

September 10th, 2013

Anthracite Story: “The Local News”

The Local News By Lazarus Washburn    Mags was in the back garden in kneepads, weeding the onions, when Orval arrived by way of the alley. The old man seemed prefer to travel via alleys and always avoided the sidewalks…Click to view post »

March 22nd, 2013

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The Newspaper Business in Anthracite

Tuesdays were the busiest days for Phaedra Elkspirit, editor of the weekly West Elk Bugle of Anthracite, Colorado, which had been published every Thursday morning since 1898. Tuesdays were the day when the final set up of the paper was…Click to view post »

February 3rd, 2013


Clearing the Way in Anthracite

We had some good snow up at the ranch during late December and on into January. A couple of good storms came through, and by mid-month there was three or four feet in the fields; a lot deeper where the…Click to view post »

December 27th, 2012

Effing xmas

Another Eff-ing Christmas in Anthracite

Melanie Annabelle Nash – Attorney at Law – hadn’t had a good year. After a winter that featured a roof leak right over the piano in the living room, having a very expensive furnace replaced, and finding her late father’s…Click to view post »

December 3rd, 2012

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The Passing of the Town Drunk of Anthracite

The town drunk of Anthracite died on Thursday night or Friday morning and her many admirers came to the funeral on Sunday afternoon, even two of her ex-husbands—after all she had maintained the title in good style for over twenty…Click to view post »

November 8th, 2012

Horses - Anthracite

Concerning the Future Improvement of Anthracite

 Zima Hydryk, relatively new owner of the Chicken Abortionist Cafe and freshly reelected third-term mayor of the town of Anthracite, Colorado, fast asleep in her trailer house bedroom, was having a dream. She had closed the Abortionist at eight that…Click to view post »

October 8th, 2012

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Seasons and Politics in Anthracite

Autumn came early to Anthracite and the Rio Poco Valley.  Sort-of.  Maybe. Almost. First, in mid to late August, a week or two sooner than usual, there were the yellow-orange patches of leaves on a few of the cottonwoods next…Click to view post »

June 3rd, 2012

ChurchOG - Hotchkiss

A Difference of Opinion in Anthracite

Having nothing else better to do on a Thursday night West Elk Bugle editor Phaedra Elkspirit decided to go to the advertised monthly meeting of the West Elk County Patriotic Christian Constitutionalists. She thought that it might make a good…Click to view post »

April 9th, 2012


Not Quite Spring in Anthracite

Lazarus A. Washburn Jr. Singing Angel Ranch Anthracite, Colorado Dear Tom and North Fork Valley Folks, When I arrived at the serious depths of my fifties, time, which had begun to noticeably accelerate in my forties, really began to speed…Click to view post »