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A Lesson from a Budding Writer, Holiday Festivities and a Happy Crawford New Year

January 5th, 2016

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A Lesson from a Budding Writer, Holiday Festivities and a Happy Crawford New Year

All by Marla Bear Bishop – Fruitland Mesa/Crawford and beyond correspondent.

A brand new year! Who doesn’t need one of those every now and then? Not that I’m complaining about the last 365 days, but it’s wonderful to start fresh and make a new list of impossible commitments to oneself.

This last year held so many blessings for my family including a long stay here in the Valley for my granddaughter. She attended the Montessori School up here in Crawford and became enchanted with her teachers Fran, Shannon, Esther, Kara and Christi. Her principal, Bill, added the extra touch of making the school experience a safe and welcome zone for a brand new student who only got to stay a heartbeat in time. Along with everyone mentioned and not mentioned by name, I would like to personally thank Montessori at Crawford’s secretary, Roberta. She single handedly kept me straight on what was what. Let me tell you, there is a reason we don’t have children after a certain age.

This same grandchild unwittingly gave me a good idea this past month to carry into the New Year. It is an easy way to remember things since I can’t seem to keep track of many odds and ends, conversations, dates, times and places. She started taking notes. Notes at school that read: Played with so and so until I got hit in the head with a ball. Looked for pencil sharpener and then realized I had mechanical pencils. Ate a corner piece of pizza and some chocolate milk…and so on.  Now when I ask her what she did in school today, she pulls out a small pad of paper covered with everything I could ever think to ask. This has eliminated the words “ I don’t know” and  “I can’t remember” When the Grand went to dinner and the movies with someone she came home prepared with a list of all possible answers to any possible question, including what was discussed at the meal (said someone was “rude in a teen-age way,” texting during the meal and not fully present for a minute, this duly noted) talk of animals…what dogs have been up to, and best of all, where to sit and what was available to eat and discussion of French fries being a treat to avoid if you’ve eaten a lot of them lately. During the movie the notes, made more detailed the following day, indicated that she did not cry but someone else did.

I will now take notes on my day, more extensive than the grocery and to-do lists that already get lost or forgotten.   In this coming year, I will forget nothing. That’s my first resolution…no, maybe my second, I can’t recall.

A beautiful party took place at the Hotchkiss Memorial Hall for North Fork children who may have needed more than what could be provided for at home in these tough times. Huge thanks are extended to the main players and to the many who gathered to wrap gifts, guide kids to fun activities during the party and unwrap the many gifts bestowed upon them by a caring community. If you haven’t taken part in this heartwarming yearly event you are missing out. Volunteers are always needed and it does one good to see a smile on a little face this festive but stressful season. Make a note to join the hard working but joyous volunteers next year.

Seems that I’m always discussing the weather in these monthly columns. Now that it’s finally winter, why oh why am I taken aback by low temperatures? Back to breaking ice for equine, digging gates out of deep crystalized ruts, putting superglue on split fingers and am once again wearing my really worn out cow-less suit. It’s all worth it however when a shooting star zips by, an owl hoots or a herd of elk appears in the moonlit field before my very eyes. Blessed are we of the North Fork Valley.

Crawford Country Bank, that’s what I’m always going to call it, otherwise known as First State Bank of Colorado played host to music man David Hauze and many of his students, Montessori students, and that beautiful voiced Donna, who is no one’s student but everyone’s favorite highlight of that party, a holiday staple for us up here in Crawford. Thank-you Merry, Candy, Judy, all food providers/ cookie bakers and candlestick makers! I love to attend this special day and I do mean day. I get there for breakfast and find myself still snacking late into the afternoon. Thank-you David for your excellent patience and care in all things.

This year I’m thankful for sending the old year off with visits to far flung family and friends. Lovely ChristmaHannukaKwanzaSolstica festivities were plentiful, (I happily threw some angry garbage in a bonfire on the darkest night.) I’m grateful for a New Year’s Eve spent dancing with friends, both human and fur/hair baring, and of course, I’m thankful for all the great memories lived during the past year. To any of you who have warmed my heart by mentioning that you read this from time to time, I’m thankful to you, too.

Before we all go flying too far into the year 2016, remember; 1) Go forth, stand tall, chin up, smile on. 2) Let no one stamp on your good soul. 3) Allow no one to make you feel small, insignificant, unworthy of good fortune, love, praise or anything less than the kind and decent person who resides in your skin.

Happy New Year to all!

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